Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello New Friend And Should I Invite Others?

Ahh!!!! A new kitchen table and chairs at last!!!  We have finally taken the plunge and found a beautiful new kitchen table and 8 chairs.  Honestly, there was more emotion in doing this than I realized.  Our former kitchen table was the hottest, latest, greatest, thing when we purchased it in 1990....let's see that was 24 years ago!  While this table has been our family table all that time, it has also been host to lots of homework, projects, meetings and just general fun.  The problem with this table is that it looks like it came from 1990....yes a little dated.  For years, I have thought we needed a new table but just could not give my old friend the boot.  WELL, enter the beauty you see above. The great thing is that is has 8 chairs!  So excited about that!  A friend and I found this table and the chairs at an antique store.  It was born in the 1930's and came over to the US from Europe.  It needed a bit of TLC which I gave it and besides the seat cushions, it is ready for its new home.  Once we have it all dolled up, I will show another picture.   

This is a fabric we are considering for the seat cushions.  I really like it.  I have a designer working with me to determine fabrics not just for these cushions but also window treatments. 

With the excitement of finding the new table and chairs, I began thinking of other needs in our home and began wondering if other items should be invited.  I found this lamp that I can't seem to get off of my mind.  I just love the rustic vibe is has.  I think I will need to return to the store and bring him home.

 I am not going to be purchasing this armoire, but I do like the finish on it.  A while back, I had the honor of Joni Webb of Cote de Texas actually look at photos of my dining room and make suggestions.  WOW!  that was exciting.  I love ALL she does.  At any rate, she suggested painting my hutch and others commenting agreed with her.  While I don't have quite this much ornamentation, I think the same look could be achieved.  Now the real question:  TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT!  I am thinking YES!  If I am brave enough to have it done, I will of course share photos.  I would love to know your thoughts on painting furniture. 

Here is our old friend.  This set is going into storage for one of our boys when they have a place of their own.  I would love for this to stay in our family.  It was one of the first farmhouse tables when they became popular again in the 90's and it is a true butcher block top.  The Windsor chairs have been the most sturdy chairs I have ever seen.  I guess quality does not ever really go out of style.  So for now, Goodbye Old Friend.

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