Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's Dream A Bit, Shall We?

I am in love with home decor.  I think about it each and every day.  I am always trying to improve my own house.  I study home decor magazines and books like there is no tomorrow.  I love to check out Pinterest and have a few blogs that I check very frequently.  Here is my list of favorite blogs; Cote de Texas, Segreto Secrets, The Enchanted Home, the French Tangerine, French Essence and Jones Design Company (This was actually my first blog to read...more on this in another post).  All of this makes me dream happy dreams.  Over the years I have pinned some fantastic rooms on my Home Decor board.  I decided to share a few of my favorites with you.  Let's dream together.  Enjoy!  You might want to get a cup of coffee because I think this may be my longest post ever, but lots of fun!

kitchen - I love it all!!

Wonderful kitchen!
I first saw the first kitchen on Pinterest about two years ago and I fell in love.  It also opened me to one of my favorite blogs and one of the BEST design books I have in my collection.  The very popular blog from Joni Webb, Cote de Texas originally pinned this kitchen.  Upon investigation, I found that it was featured in Leslie Sinclair's book, Segreto Secrets.  Leslie and her firm do the most amazing plaster, faux and decorative painting.  I fell in love with this book for all of the beautifully designed rooms and to this day look through it for ideas at least once a week.  About a month ago, I read that she is publishing another book!  I can't wait until it is ready for the public. 

The second kitchen is another one that I love.  The blues and grays just work so well together.  Just really love everything about it.

 One of my ALL time favorite rooms...LOVE LOVE the shutters.

This living room was featured on the cover of House Beautiful many years ago.  So wonderful how classic design never goes out of style.  This has to be one of my all time favorite rooms.  I love every piece in the room, but the shutters just steel the deal.

What's for dinner?
One of the prettiest dining rooms ever!
The first dining room is simply beautiful.  I love the ceiling, the neutrals, the fabrics, the paint....well really just all of it. 

The second dining room was featured in Southern Accents years ago....I think...maybe Veranda.  It is stunning and unforgettable.  I love every single bit of it!

 Great Entry

This entrance way is spectacular.  I love the wall treatment and the furniture.  It looks so elegant and inviting.  My entry is not this large, but I could do some type of wall treatment to create this inviting look. wheels are turning.   

Blue shutters and boxwoods!

The exterior of this home is so beautiful with its boxwoods and blue shutters.  I hope to have some boxwoods at my own home very soon!

Beautiful master bath...great colors.

WOW!  is really all that needs to be said here.  Love the browns and blues but really, the whole thing is spectacular!

Dream laundry room!!!

Ok, now this is what a laundry room should look like!  BUT, more importantly check out the washer and dryer situation.  Doesn't that just make sense.  Find me a dryer that can keep up with a washer!  I have always joked that I wanted two washers and two dryers.  Wouldn't that make washing clothes so much easier?

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of my favorites.  I have so many, it was hard to choose.  I will do this again in the future. Until then!

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Michelle said...

They are all very beautiful. I especially like the house with the blue shutters.